Upcoming Events

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive  Nov 1st ~Nov 15th :   This year, our COGS Outreach Mission is trying a new twist on the food basket.  In honor of home cooks in our community, Outreach is substituting Thanksgiving Gift Cards so the adults can choose and purchase their own ingredients for their Thanksgiving meal.  Support eliminating hunger in our communities.  Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Our annual Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser Sale orders  DUE Nov 5th :    Every fall  for the past twenty years, we gear up for our greens and poinsettia sale.  A family chooses and orders items that they’d like to adorn their home with during the holidays.  GSM receives a percentage of the cost.  When you would like to see the greenery selections, visit engelsevergreens.com website online.   Plants are delivered to the school the first week of December.

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