Our Community

Our recent Hurricane Harvey relief is one example where our Community is in our hearts and minds.

Supplies for the Hurricane Harvey relief childcare kits.

We also partner with Stephen’s Place

-stephen2019s-place-garden-project003a-school-director-pamela-cripe-with-kindergarten-children-harper002c-chenry002c-anndrey002c-drew002c-kingston002c-henry-and-everlynPamela and kindergarteners at Stephen’s Place.

Kindergartners join residents of Stephen’s Place for a monthly garden project to promote gardening and working alongside with people with diverse abilities.

Additional events such as Reptile Day to promote the study of reptiles….


Police Officer Day

policeman-dayto promote community awareness.

Other ways we promote community awareness is though others.

We partnered with Colin Martin to help him satisfy his Eagle Scout merit badge! He developed an outdoor science center: a hand-crafted children’s bench and a new sustainable border for our playground equipment!

VOLUNTEERING at Good Shepherd Montessori is easy:

Since its inception, parents have had an active role in the life of Good Shepherd Montessori.

We are governed by the Advisory Board, which is part of the Good Shepherd Ministries Board. Good Shepherd Ministries are not-for-profit organizations.

One of the many ways that parents participate in the life of the school is through our volunteer opportunities.

It is fun to volunteer at GSM! Opportunities like:

    • School board
    • Parent advisory board.
    • Helping your teachers.
    • Working alongside other parents at our fundraising events.
    • Sewing
    • Carpentry
    • Washing Laundry
    • Bringing snack foods
  • Helping with class projects

There are so many other ways to volunteer and we cannot name them all, so if you would like to volunteer—we would love to be contact with you! See the contact box on the right for the ways to do so!

Volunteering builds a spirit of community among the families in the school, deepens a parents’ sense of community in the school, and keeps tuition rates low by keeping costs down. Volunteering also gives children the opportunity to see their whole family as an integral part of the school. When you enroll you will be provided with a complete list of the volunteer opportunities.

volunteer-nola-with-student-violet-learning-her-phonetic-soundsVolunteer with a student learning her phonetic sounds.

pasted-graphic-1A parent volunteer listening to a student.

pasted-graphicParent volunteer helping a student reading.

pasted-graphic-1Parent volunteer listening to a student reading.