Our Program

The Montessori Classroom Environment


Each classroom is carefully prepared for the children to work and play with a mixed age range (2.5 to 6 years old). The children are guided to academic learning with a goal of providing them the opportunity to develop their full, individual potential and puts them on the path to becoming functionally independent.

The curriculum is based on Maria Montessori’s theories and principles, offering a prepared environment which allows freedom within limits and where children can gain a sense of self while experiencing practical life skills, sensorial, language development, mathematics, art and music, gross motor activities, geography, science, grace & courtesy and spiritual formation.


A child’s first year forms the foundation for each year that follows as the curriculum is considered emergent. The children stay in the same classroom, with the same AMI certified guides (lead teachers), until they are ready to transition to first grade. This atmosphere creates a wonderfully close and caring environment.

Your Child’s Year of Completion: Kindergarten

The Montessori Children’s House culminates with the child’s final Kindergarten year when he/she masters the knowledge learned in the years previous. This final year of a Montessori education provides the opportunity for the child to be a leader which develops problem solving, self-reliance, self-confidence and also develops compassion as he/she teaches their peers. The kindergarten year prepares a child well for first grade, whether they go on to a public or private school. 

Here are 20 reasons to keep your child in Montessori for the Kindergarten year complimentary of The Montessori Children’s Foundation.

“The Kindergarten program at Good Shepherd Montessori has allowed our child to explore his educational curiosities, and expand his imagination.”